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No Matter the Circumstance, Location or Condition… We’ve Got You Covered.

Breakdowns, Accidents, Impounds, Repairs and more…

Trusted for over 85 years, Schmidt’s Auto has provided towing and automotive services throughout Madison, WI and surrounding communities. Our customers include insurance companies, local business, the public, motor clubs and municipalities.

Best in Class Fleet of trucks equipped with the most advanced technology in the industry.

Tow Operators with over 45 years of experience.

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Towing and Roadside Services

Our 24/7 Services Include:

  • Accidents
  • Local & Long Distance Towing
  • Semi Towing & Recovery
  • Private Property Towing
  • Lot Moves
  • Motorcycle Towing
  • Winch Out’s
  • Enclosed Trailer
  • Waste Removal Service
  • Tire Changer/Air
  • Unlocks
  • Battery
  • Jumpstarts
  • Impounds
  • Underground / Ramp Towing
  • Abandonments
  • Landoll Trailer
  • Ramp Towing
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What do I do if I suspect my car was towed?2021-03-05T14:55:06-06:00

Vehicles in a tow- a way zone generally are moved to an alternative street  Contact us with Make/Model/Color for relocation destination.

Vehicles with outstanding fee’s or illegally parked may have been impounded – See “My car was impounded” for details.

My car was in an accident, what do I do?2021-03-05T14:56:04-06:00

First, we hope you alright. Next, contact your insurance company who will guide you through their specific process. If you do not have insurance notify us as soon as possible, we may be able to help.

My car was impounded, what do I do?2021-03-05T14:57:20-06:00

Depending on why your vehicle was impounded and by whom, the next steps will vary.

For private parking violations See “Vehicles illegally Parked- Private” on our site.

For City Impounds- See “Vehicles Impounded

For University Campus – See “Vehicles Impounded

How much does it cost to Tow? Jumpstart? Tire Change?2023-01-23T11:18:20-06:00

Charges vary depending on many factors. (type of vehicle, equipment necessary for safe towing, vehicle condition and location to name a few). The cost of a standard “in town” pre-scheduled tow starts at $140 plus tax.  Additional charges occur for accidents, emergency towing, difficult retrieval, clean-up and more. Please feel free to contact us for a quote.

Roadside assistance fee’s range between $85-$105 for non- emergency services.

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